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Kitsune Battlemage is a third-person arena magic combat game where players sharpen their elemental magic skills against each other. Players are not class-locked and can choose abilities from any of the elements. Solo modes are also available for those wanting to get some practice in or play at their own pace.

Fresh battlemages enter the training grounds via portals that connect worlds. Here they train and share newly learned magics in preparation... as many have felt the rumblings of darkness that had long been sealed away. More corrupted portals have been sighted across the worlds and now not even the training grounds are safe.

Master the elements: Fire, Frost, and Earth. Choose your abilities to match your playstyle, fit your team, and prepare to fight against the unrelenting corruption!

Kitsune Battlemage will be Everflame Studio's first release, it is the combat module of what will hopefully become part of a larger series and multiverse.

Made with ♥ in Unreal Engine 4

Kitsune Battlemage

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